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News Guangdong

Latest flower market update in Guangzhou: reservation + flow control

As the Chinese New Year approaches, more districts in Guangzhou have released their plans of hosting flower markets. In general, you must make an appointment before your visits and there is also visitor control. Even if the district you live in has cancelled flower market this year, there is alternative choice for you!

Leaders from many countries show confidence in Chinese vaccines

As a massive global vaccine campaign rolled out, Chinese COVID-19 vaccines appear to be favored by many countries and government leaders overseas. From the outset of the clinical trials, China has been striving to make its vaccines a global public good.

HK Youth in GBA | Anthony Lu: hopes more Hong Kong youths can work in GBA cities

When studying for a PhD in the UK, Anthony Lu specialized in the semiconductor field. After finishing his postdoctoral research, he returned to work in Hong Kong. He came into contact with the fresh food e-commerce project by chance. He believes that the next 5-10 years will be a major opportunity for the imported aquatic products industry, so he hopes to invest in this industry.

Another 4 intl flights to be suspended, including 2 to Guangzhou

On January 14th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China announced the suspension of four more international flights.

Migrants who stay in Guangdong will get vouchers

Migrant workers in Guangdong province, who choose to stay at their workplace in the province during this year's Spring Festival, will receive special necessities or online shopping vouchers, according to Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions.

In Guangzhou, taxi drivers get their coronavirus vaccine shots

Taxi drivers in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, have begun to receive coronavirus vaccine shots, according to Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital.
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